My story

Instead of a written blog, a video this time. I hope to make one in the field during the harvest season here as well. Someone took below video when I shared my story during a meeting of my organisation in the US last month. So have a look at me staggering of how a 9-year old boy chased his dream to work in Africa.

As an update, after having fled war in South Sudan and a well-spent year in Uganda, I am gearing up for a new project in Congo and just arrived in my new home Bukavu, in Eastern Congo.





About Janno

A young development worker in Africa
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2 Responses to My story

  1. Anonymous says:

    We know this to be very true,thanks Janno for sharing it , blessed are the peacemakers for they shall inherite the kingdom said Jesus
    proud parents of Janno

  2. Yolanda Klooster says:

    Fijn om je even dichtbij te hebben al is het op de computer veel liefs uit Amsterdam Mooi Mens, Yolanda Klooster

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